affluently flatulent

you take care of yourself. don't be afraid to bask in the by-products of your choices.

fart bar is a service. we enable those that are more acutely aware amongst us to enjoy themselves wholly.

why should we freely throw our methane into the atmosphere when we can find further purpose? let's not waste ourselves. we invite you to flaunt your broth, and soon we'll be able to help.

coming soon

Upon acceptance into the program, expect to recieve a package with further instruction.

This is the gist of the proposed process.



Consume the provided bar, made of ethically-sourced proteins and designed to increase flatulence. This also helps to provide a control for our science.

step one: the fart bar (fuel)


When the time is right... expel your precious gas into the fart jar through the specially-engineered filter.

step two: the fart jar


Informed by your microbiome and specified preferences, our team creates a number of infusions based-on and containing your wind.

step three: the fart bar (cocktail)


As an added treat— we're pleased to offer cleaning products scented from your musk, including fart bar soap.

step four: the fart bar (soap)

applications are currently closed

visit regularly for updates